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ShagBall is free to use, and it is a very convenient site to collect fun images and comments from all the participants. Use it to keep a photo journal of your one-time event. Use it to provide a running commentary for any of your regular outings or sunday round with your buddies. But most importantly, USE OUR "SHOP" link for any online golf purchase, as we are an affiliate, and we get a small percentage of the sale when you launch through our link. This is the only way we can generate income to help offset costs of the site.

How does one USE shagball?

Pretty simple, really. We hope the design is intuitive and doesn't need a lot of explanation. However, if you really get into a bind, contact us at and we will return your email at the first opportunity.

Above you see the initial screen when visiting Feel free to use the search field when you visit, but for the more interesting stuff, you'll want to create a login for yourself (click the "login" tab).

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the default "HOME" screen. Look for this to have more meaningful data in the upcoming future. You will also see a new green "navigator" near the top of your screen. For now there are three buttons, settings, events, and miscellaneous.

Settings: you can upload and change your profile picture, change your handle/password, change your login/email address (in case you want to change that for some reason), provide a brief biography about your self (or simply crack some funny jokes), and finally, set whether or not you'd like to receive email whenever someone "comments" on one of your events.

Events: you have two option currently, Create New Event, or My Events. Use Creat New Event to set up your golf outing, providing information such as a picture that will display when users pull up your event, the event name, a nickname for your event (this helps with the "search" function for others trying to find your event on the site), a passphrase (highly recommended, as you don't want just ANYONE to be able to add photos to your event...only those you share the passphrase with should be allowed, right?), and finally, an area to provide high level details of your event. NOTE: two additional fields become available after you've created your event and are accessible when you "EDIT" your created event--NOTES, and HIGHLIGHTS. These provide additional fun details as pertaining to your outing. My Events pulls up a convenent listing of all events you have created so far on the site.

Miscellaneous: currently there is only one item, Contact ShagBall, but look for more options in the coming future.

The "Search for event" search field you may see in various places is meant to pull up a listing of events that contain whatever string you provide. If you leave it blank and click the search icon, this is equivalent to providing a "find all events". Short nicknames for events are an easy way to pull up the appropriate outing.

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